Summer Tips

Summer Tips

Use a good quality primer for under your foundation this will even out skin tone and prevent foundations sliding off your face. Set with loose translucent powder if shine appears blot with a tissue do not rub or re powder this causes a cloggy look to the face.

A SPF of above factor 15 on your face, even on those cloudy days is a must. The neck and chest skin is thinner and more delicate so ensure it is being included into your skin care regime one of my favourites is an oil use after toning and before you apply moisturizing cream on to the skin.

Use a cooling eye gel around the delicate eye area especially under the eyes this will help reduce puffiness and dark circles cooling eye products may be stored in the fridge for that extra pick me up feeling.

Invest in some quality shades for extra protection. It is vital to protect your eyes on bright days.

Holidays… that long awaited break away here are some tips for day to evening glamour. An eyelash lift treatment is a holiday must have. Natural lashes are lifted to increase length and volume. Eyelash tint is applied during the lash lift service to darken your natural eye lashes and gives a fuller effect. This treatment is great for relaxing around the pool and then one coat of mascara may be applied in the evening for an instant party look with the maintenance of eyelash extensions. OPI gel finish is a holiday favourite colour is chip resistant for up to 3 weeks brilliant on hands and feet. Over 70 shades to choose from.

Use plenty of heat protector, Lucia’s The one and only spray is a great heat protector with added shiner and strengthener. Simply shake vigorously and spray on to the hair, this wonder product can be applied to wet or dry hair in between washes.    250ml £12.

Use extra penetrating hair masks, applying a hair mask once a week you will provide your hair with extra condition and strength, ask for a sample of IQ intensive mask on your next visit to salon.   1000ml £20.


We all apply plenty of sunblock on our bodies but tend to neglect our hair. Follow these quick easy tips to ensure your locks stay protected.

Wear a hat, scarf, or bandana. Change your hair up so the same hair is not constantly exposed to sun.

Before swimming wet your hair and apply a generous amount of conditioner do not rinse out, it will act like a barrier in the hair. Hair is like a sponge once it has absorbed water it will not absorb anymore including chlorine from the pool.