Lucia’s Charity Challenges

Lucia’s Charity Challenges

Lucia is passionate about supporting those in need. As a business owner and community leader she felt she could make a real difference to the lives of others. So, she decided to create ‘Lucia’s Charity Challenges’ and tasked herself with a variety of exciting and interesting fund-raising challenges.

Despite several health issues, she has including rheumatoid arthritis her aim was to make the challenges as hard as possible. She was determined that this was not simply going to be a walk in the park.

The First Challenge

In 1995 she completed her first challenge. A business connection shared their experience of working with a school in the Gambia. It was such an inspirational story Lucia felt compelled to go their herself. So she travelled to the Gambia and spend time working in the school there. Seeing how the children lived and their school was a very humbling experience and motivated her to want to do more to help people in need.


Trekking across the World!

Each year the challenges have progressed and have included treks through Peru, Nepal, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Her fundraising for Mind took her to Jordan for an extreme desert trek. This was no mean feat in 30  degree C temperatures and considering she suffers with asthma!

Another trek took her along the Great Glen in Scotland dealing with Scottish wind and rain!  Then during a trek of the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania in Romania, she had to deal with run-ins with wild bears and wolves along the way!

These treks are no easy feat and there is not a luxury in sight.  There are no cosy warm beds and en-suite bathrooms. Lucia has to cope with wild camping, building makeshift campsites, cooking outdoors and dealing with the weather conditions.

Lucia’s charity challenge for Keech Hospice involved travelling to the slums of Delhi where an organised group repaired and painted a children’s hospice. The team also took part in building a new adventure playground for the children to enjoy. She was thrilled to be accompanied by Billy Byrne, the well-known and well-loved electrician who has been an essential member of the team in DIY SOS for many years. During that trip, they raised additional funds by trekking the Annapurna mountain range in the Himalayas.


From Treks to Sailing! 

Lucia decided to take a break from treks and took to the sea. This involved a sailing challenge for the Children’s Society which took place over four days from Portsmouth . After learning to sail she spent the time being part of the crew, which involved manually charting the boats voyage and of using sonar. A real challenge and not for anyone who suffers with sea sickness


Bingo and Quiz Nights

Alongside the treks are the indoor fundraising events which Lucia and her team organise each year. She brings the local community together for a night of Bingo or a themed quiz for fun and laughter. This raise around £2,000 each time. Many of her clients take part and the tickets always sell out!


Over £100,000 has been raised and more to come!

Lucia is rightly very proud that in all the years since she started taking part in charity challenges, she has raised over £100,000 for the three charities she works with. This money has been put to excellent use, helping people who so desperately need it.

A guest at Buckingham Palace- The Royal Garden Party!

In May 2019 Lucia was extremely proud to attend to Buckingham Palace Garden party in recognition of her work and fundraising activities. There she met Princess Anne and shared a chat her passion for charitable work.


The Mayors Award

In 2019 she was awarded The Mayors Award for outstanding citizen, something which she is truly proud of in recognition for her fundraising and community support.

And there is more to come!

Lucia still isn’t stopping there and is currently investigating her next challenge so watch this space for news!