Festive Makeup

Festive Makeup

Here are some of our favourite glam looks for this holiday period!

You can’t go wrong with a classic!  Golden, shimmery eyes paired with a red lip is a perfect combination any time of year, but it is especially empowering this season.  Demonstrating beauty and grace with a touch of femme fatale…

Even a darker version is just as graceful for your nights out…!

 Unsure which colours suit you?  Why not book a makeup lesson with us?  Learn all the tricks of the trade whilst enjoying experimenting with new colours.


Top tips

Use an eyeshadow primer before applying eye shadow.  This works as a base colour to help the colour to stick to your eyelids without creasing, avoid using oily foundations as this can cause the eye shadow to separate.

Enhance your eye lashes with an eye lash lift and tint to darken and lift your natural lashes to give a more defined wide-eyed look.  One coat of mascara will be all you need for a glam night out.

Eyebrow shape and tint will remove any unwanted hair and cover those white hair, and gives definition to your natural eyebrows meaning less time drawing them in to shape each morning.

Big night out coming up?  Why not have your make up applied at the salon for a long-lasting glamourous look?

Use a makeup setting spray once your make up look is complete to help keep your make up in place.