New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!

2019 is the year to put all bad habits behind you and pick up some new, great ones! What is your New Year’s Resolution this year?

We think that everyone’s New Year Resolution should be to continue to pamper yourself and keep your hair and skin looking and feeling its best at Lucia Hair and Beauty. We suggest you take the time this year to focus on you. Self-care is very important to us and we strive to make you feel your best with every visit to the salon. Here are our suggested new year new you tips.

Maintain your hair style with regular haircuts every 6-8 weeks. It really helps your hair to grow.

Indulge in a monthly facial to keep your skin looking its best, while continuing your skin care routine at home.

Enjoy a manicure and pedicure to keep your nails, cuticles and skin in the best condition, add a sparkle nail varnish for a night out.

Destress and relax with a monthly aromatherapy massage.

Ensure your eyebrows are in shape and tinted to perfection, we recommend eye brow shaping and tinting every 4-6 weeks.

Lucia Hair and Beauty Skin Care Routine

Face soap

Commit every morning to washing your face using gentle soap. Use your hands or a facial sponge to massage the soap in small circles and then rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid face wipes as they can irate the skin.


Apply toner to remove the remains of makeup, dirt or excess oils. The toner will not only remove impurities but also hydrate and soften the skin. You can use organic cotton wool pads to apply it. Prefer natural products? Then try using witch hazel or rosewater.

Exfoliating lip balm

Ideal for defining lips contour and treating dry, chapped lips. The balm is applied by rubbing gently over the lips for a few seconds. It is then removed with a damp cloth or with a cotton wool pad and lukewarm water.

Body exfoliant

Body exfoliant helps to remove dead skin cells from the body and to reactivate the skin so that the creams take effect. It is ideal for people suffering from circulatory problems. Also a good way to release ingrown hair before a waxing service.

Body cream

Moisturising creams should be applied throughout the year. In summer, they restore the skin’s elasticity lost through exposure to the sun, and in winter, they restore hydration and protect the skin against pollution. Everyone needs a different cream; it is important to try a few to find the ideal cream for you.