Root stretch, Balayage and glazing techniques

Root stretch, Balayage and glazing techniques

Root stretch has become very popular with clients this season.

This method of colour application is designed to blend out old highlights and remove the definition line that old highlights can leave after as little as a month’s growth.

For this client Lucia used L’Oréal professional colour range, this client’s hair had been previously highlighted and had grown out and left a definition line.  Firstly a warm brunette colour from the Loreal French girl collection was applied to the clients root area and blended down the hair shaft to remove the definition line which blended out the old highlights this technique is called root stretching.

The balayage technique was then used to add in very subtle lighter strands throughout the hair.

For more information on the bayayage technique why not take a look at last months blog?


A glazer was then applied to the lightened hair to give a soft ash glaze finish.

Glazing is a great way to brighten up dull looking hair in between the lightening service.

Glazer do not have to give only the ash look, but comes in various tones to achieve different looks.

It’s not all about the blondes

Sorry blonde babes but brunettes can have fabulous glazing as well with beautiful caramel and chocolate glazers that leave your hair feeling and looking fabulous and shiny

Treat your highlights or lowlights to a beautiful glaze from the loreal Dia Richesse collection for only £5.

Skin test is required 24-48 hours prior to the colouring service.