New Service

New Service

We all know time and money is tight so this new service could be for you. Relax whilst we apply your regrowth colour. No cut, no blow dry.  Quick, easy, and manageable.


Getting to know your colour techniques

Balayage meaning to sweep, is a soft colouring technique which lightens the hair in specific areas mainly towards the lower and front of your hair, creating a natural sun lightened glow. This type of colour is low maintenance with no harsh lines when the hair grows out beautifully.

Baby lights are ultra fine or double weaved highlights which can be scattered throughout the hair for a softer highlighted look or used around the hair line in a balayage to create a soft Sunkissed result known as the money piece.

Typically, ash blondes are used to create a classic balayage and baby light highlights, however other tones such as golds and beiges also have a good colour result for clients wanting a softer look.

Brunette balayage uses the same technique as a classic balayage but using a deeper colour adding depth with a mixture of tones including caramel, beige, and chocolate.

Chocolate ash brunettes create a beautiful cool brown tone throughout the hair a more flattering colour choice for clients with naturally dark hair and warm skin tones.

Unsure on what will best suit you? Why not throw the rule book out and combined all the techniques and enjoy a unique Balayage, tailored to suit you and your lifestyle.

Balayage starts from £100.

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Maintain your Balayage with a colour refreshing glaze and hair cut 6-8 weeks after for only £50. Refreshes your hair colour and leaves it looking shiny and healthy.