Inside Out

Inside Out

Vitamins play a big part in how our hair and skin feels, a lack of certain vitamins can cause hair loss or lack of strength and shine.

Vitamin c helps to build a protein called collagen which is highly important to hair structure. This will play necessary roles of absorbing iron that keeps the locks strong and healthy.

A lack of zinc will cause changes in the protein structure of hair follicles which will lead to weakening of the structural integrity.

If you are low in Iron, you may feel that the texture of your hair and nails changes and can become dry and brittle.

Vitamin D boosts our immunity; it stimulates the cells growth and helps to create new hair follicles.

Healthy Oils

Cutting back on calories does not mean cutting out fat and oils. Good oils, especially olive oil, are vital for clear youthful skin and good condition nails and hair. So drizzle away on your salads and vegetables. Try warming some oil and applying to dry hair leave for 10 minutes then shampoo out. Pop a dot on your cuticles to strengthen nails.