Summer is my favourite because of client weddings, school leavers, proms and of course festivals. Occasional hair need not be formal and traditional waves twist sand plaits, or a combination give an individual and unique look.

Neat and easy to wear five strand plaits can be decorated with gems or flowers for weddings.

Beautiful up do hair preset with rollers and techni pli setting spray for extra body, dressed, and pinned for long lasting glamour.



Georgina visited the salon the evening before her prom, her hair was washed with clarifying shampoo and blow dried straight with a comb to reduce body, the hair was part prepared for the next day to ensure smooth running of time.

On prom day lucia added heated rollers to smooth, reduce frizz and reform the hair in a natural looking wave.


Holy communion hair created by jane, hair was washed and dried the day before, Jane curled the hair using a curling iron this created tighter curls, the hair was then plaited on both side to the middle and pinned into place.