Perming is Back in Men and Women

Perming is Back in Men and Women

Perming is back in both men and women. We can achieve curls to suit everyone, from tight ringlets to soft loose waves.

Book for your FREE 15-minute perm consultation at the salon. We will conduct skin testing to ensure you do not have any allergies, we will also carry out and provide you with your strand curl test to ensure the curl form and shape is suitable for your hair type, haircut and your desired result.


Perming starts from £55.

Book your FREE perm consultation 07425 888588.

Frequently asked questions

Will I get a frizzy 1980’s perm?

With the advancement of perming technology, we can ensure frizz free curls, in your desired curl size.

How long will it last?

Perming generally lasts 3-10 months depending on curl selected using correct home maintain will prolong your curls personal hair growth.