“A Woman Who Cuts Her Hair is About to Change Her Life”

Why make New Year resolutions?  There is no better time than with a new diary to fill.  Ancient Babylon was the first recorded makers of New Year resolutions often to help them get out of debt.  We have continued this trend throughout the years of making promises to be different each New Year.  It is a good way to reset, and a great time to consider a new look haircut change of hair colour or even both.

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life – Coco Chanel

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Three great looks first a classic easy low maintenance Balayage bob followed by two which involving perm services.  Clients requests for perming has doubled in the last year I am pleased there is a return to movement in the hair  new formulation mean less smell, more client comfort, a quicker service time but most importantly the curls are lose with natural bend with no frizz or damage to the hair.  Olaplex treatment can also be included with perming service, for extra strength, condition and shine.