Paraffin Wax Treatment and Callus Peel Treatment

Paraffin Wax Treatment and Callus Peel Treatment

Fancy trying a new treatment? Here is why we think Paraffin or Wellmax callus peel treatment could be perfect for you.

Paraffin wax treatment

Paraffin treatment is a form of deep heat therapy. Liquefied paraffin wax is very efficient at absorbing and retaining heat. When you apply paraffin wax to your skin, the heat transfers from the wax into the affected area as the wax solidifies. The heat increases circulation and relieves pain and stiffness. Paraffin wax is perfect for people who suffer with arthritis or stiff joints.


Wellmax Callus peel treatment

Soft, touchable feet are a reality with Wellmax Callus Peel treatment. This kind to use and safe product removes dead skin and hard calluses from the heels of your feet as easily as peeling an orange. This treatment truly must be seen to be believed, with amazing results every time. Maintenance cream is available for home use.