Hair Focus

Hair Focus


Alfie and Lauren visited the salon requiring a fresh new image both clients have previously been permed but a while ago, so the hair had become long and straight.


Perming volumes the hair, gives waves or curls to the hair, making it easier to style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I look like Bon Jovi from the 80S?

No the size of the curl is determined by the size of the perming rod used; this is fully discussed during the consultation. We have a large selection of rollers from big for a slight wave right to down small for spiral corkscrew.

How long will it last?

Perming generally lasts 3-10 months depending on curl selected using correct home maintain will prolong your curls personal hair growth.

Will my perm be frizzy?

Softer lotions are kinder to hair combined with the use of Olaplex alongside with perming process now means hair breakage is minimized and condition improved.