The Wedding Diary

The Wedding Diary

The big day had finally arrived for Claire and Paul. We felt so privileged to be a part of their special day.

It was a stunning day; the sun was out for most of it and the views from Luton Hoo were beautiful.

All of the bridal party washed and conditioned their hair the day before the wedding to ensure the hair was not too soft to withstand the desired hair styles.

Hair was set using Velcro setting rollers and sprayed with L’Oréal techni pli, a portable hood dryer was used to warm up rollers this was done prior to the make-up application, allowing time for the hair to cool and set whilst make up was applied

Following a consultation and trial it was established a natural barely-there look was required so the make-up was applied and blended to give enough coverage to hide skin imperfections but without any hard lines that would show up in the photographs, especially in daylight.

Claire had regular facials leading up to the day to ensure her skin was clear. Primer was applied before foundation to give an even look. An eye show primer was applied to lid to help even out red tones on eyelid and prevent creasing then a neutral eyeshadow in powder was used.

Claire had previously been having eye lash lifts to enhance her eyes; one coat of mascara was all that was needed. A neutral lipstick a few shades darker than their gum colour was then applied which they topped up during the day. They all look beautiful with their natural looking make up that would last the day without feeling too heavy.

Make up application from £22.00

Lucia created a stunning hair up which was slick and elegant by day, encrusted with crystal pins and a beautiful hair piece to compliment the diamonds in the dress. The hair was styled in a way which could be unpinned in the evening to give a casually party look.

Nicola’s hair was set using L’Oréal techni pli and pinned to one side to give soft curls to last the night. Diamante pins and hair piece was added to enhance the hair up style.

Sue’s hair was blow dried with a round brush to added body using Lucia’s Blow it up spray. Sue’s fascinator was pinned, which Lucia carefully removed during the evening do to give a more casual look.

Hair up from £30.00