Make Up Tips

Regularly use exfoliator and a suitable toner to keep skin smooth, this will create a smooth base for a smoother application.

Always prep your eyelids with a primer formulated for eyes, this will even out skin tone and help prevent the colour from sliding. Apply loose powder to the cheek bones before applying eye shadow so colour fallout from the eyes can be easily swept away.

A tinted moisturiser is perfect for a soft natural make up plenty of coverage without the heavy feel, apply blusher to cheeks to enhance and skin a sun kissed glow.

Exfoliate your lip before applying lipstick, if you have no exfoliator you can use a small amount of sugar and honey, rub on to lips with toothbrush.

After applying lip sticks use a sheet of tissue to blot away excess to ensure no lipstick on your teeth.

Use a setting spray once your make up is complete for a longer lasting look.