New Year, New You

New Year, New You

Self-care seems to be the buzz word, but what does it really mean?

It’s so individual; to some people it’s a long soak in the bath reading or just alone time for others it could be a noisy packed pub.

In the salon we understand the importance of taking time for yourself and enjoying a treatment be it hair, beauty or even both.  Many of our clients feel the benefits of just stopping relaxing and chatting to others in the salon it’s such a social place I love this aspect.

Time seems to be so sort for everyone but allowing time to recover from hectic schedules is vital to promote good wellbeing. a great way to achieve this is to book your next appointment before leaving the salon ensuring your you time is a priority.

Beauty treatments may be added with your hair services while colour is processing so why not add nail colour or an eyebrow shape   One effect I notice on the clients faces whilst sitting in salon is less tired around the eyes rejuvenating and resting why not add to the do list sit for 30 minutes and chill.

Intention’s and good habits  how often have we heard this one it’s so hard to change some behaviours but one small change at a time works  could be has simple has drink one extra glass of water a day or remembering  to use all those beauty products we all have  hidden away. Get them out and use them, move clothes around in the wardrobe and wear those best pieces don’t keep saving them for best.

Great to be starting the year with some freedom gyms are still open so now is the time to get back to exercise of just cancel that membership you’re not using   stop giving yourself a hard time and find an activity you really enjoy  I really  apprentice  just walking in my local park  nice simple and free  . Stretching is always over looked but staying supple is also important few basic positions of yoga aids back pain and stiffness.

Here are some quick easy changes to try:

Detoxifying Epson salt bath with few drops of lavender to relax or one of my favourite’s rosemary to invigorate light a candle or two for that spa vibe.

Dry brushing the skin with a stiff brush starting from feet up moving in small circles motions with a pressure that suits, brush towards the groin area then move up to the torso area brush up each arm towards the armpits this is simulating an for circulation and helps drain lymphatic system of toxins resulting in better skin tone and improving cellulite.  Repeat couple times a week really helps.

Wear your best scents every day, spray onto your hair for long lasting scent. Discover your signature look, good brows and nails are easily maintained or a red lipstick right for you complexion.

Meditation, there is no need to head to Himalayas. Headspace app is one of my favourite meditation applications, a good all-rounder. I began using this in 2019 for the menopause. I aim to meditate for 10 minutes per day its helps clear a cluttered mind and keeps me focused.