Claire’s Wedding Diary

Claire has been enjoying beauty treatments as part of the big day count down. Our popular eyelash lift treatment gives a natural looking enhancement without high maintenance. Monthly facials will give Claire’s skin a clear glow ready for her January wedding.

Claire’s hair is now at the ideal length for the wedding so my focus now is the begin ensuring that future colour services are suitable for the big day I will consider the hair ornaments also how different shades of blonde work better in natural daylight and in photographs. We have decided on a light ash beige blonde using foil.

Highlights where placed in a pattern to enhance the natural curl and design I have a vision for Claire, I will begin the trials of hair up soon so watch this space.

L’Oréal lightener followed with Milk shake glaze was applied to achieve this gorgeous colour. Lush condition with minimal frizz was achieved by using Olaplex additive.

£15 per Olaplex treatment