Things to Do

Things to Do

With all this time now at home, we need to find things to keep up preoccupied!

Podcasts are a fun way of spending the time, or even to have on in the background of other activities. There are plenty available for free on the internet and many, many sources are ready and waiting! Lucia recommends PodBean for all kinds of podcasts from self-care, mental health to funny plays! She’s a real fan of the Oprah Winfrey section, so why not give it a look?

Books, good ol’ books, are the perfect way to relax and enjoy yourself, getting indulged in a world of fantasy or someone else’s life. You can never go wrong with a good bit of reading! What’s your favourite book?

I’m a fan of horror personally. Jane is into autobiographies and, of course, anything hair and beauty! She’s currently reading Live Your Dash by Linda Ellis. Lucia loves her therapy work magazines but is currently reading The Island by Victoria Hyslop.

There are plenty of Facebook Live events going on, so be sure to keep an eye out and join in!

Also make use of video and messaging platforms like Zoom or Houseparty to keep in touch with your friends, who may just need a reminder you’re there.

Why don’t you share with us on our Facebook what things and activities you’re taking up this month?