Health Tips

Health Tips

Maintaining our health is always important but it is even more so now in these trying times, so here are some tips and reminders to keep you happy and healthy:

Exercise – exercising regularly keeps you fit and healthy, but it also keeps your body awake! Staying indoors doing nothing can make you fatigued, so even a little exercise a day can do good. There are plenty of exercise tips on the Internet and tutorials on YouTube where you don’t need a gym! Even a walk can suffice!

Drink Plenty of Water – water, so refreshing, so yummy, so important. Remember you should be having 6-8 glasses a day.

Practice Cooking – avoid having fast food every day, as tempting as it is. Now’s the perfect time to start experimenting and learning new and healthy dishes as the kitchen is yours all day.

Use Takeaway Leftovers – we’re not saying ditch the takeaways, as they still have to run their businesses! How about using the leftovers in your cooking experiments, making healthy meals with what you didn’t finish the night before? Also saves on wasted food!

Look at Plants – plants are good! They trigger a stress-relieving effect in the brain when we look at them, so literally take a moment to stop and smell the roses!

Fresh Air – being stuck inside with stagnant air can be really constricting, so open a window or enjoy a walk as part of your exercise. Step into the garden for a breath of fresh air, or maybe plug in a fan just to keep the air moving.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – most importantly, remember to stay safe and practice social distancing. If you go outside, stay 2m away from others and don’t let any other than household members into your house! We can stop this thing!