Beauty Tips & Treatments

Beauty Tips & Treatments

Welcome back to the Lucia Hair and Beauty’s blog’s May 2020 edition! May is typically the month kicking off the summer sun! But things are a little different this year no doubt… So, we thought we’d mix up our blog to help you out a little!

It can be easy to take extra care of yourself from the comfort of your home, so here are a few tips and treatments:


DIY Conditioner Treatment – apply conditioner to your hair and wrap it in a plastic bag, leaving to work for an hour or two.

Oil Rehydration – warm some olive oil in a pan (GENTLY) and put it on your hair, wrap up in cling film or a plastic bag and leave for a few hours or even overnight. Emulsify first with shampoo and NO WATER, then wash out.


Dry Elbows – apply lemon to dry elbows to rehydrate them.

Honey Moisturiser – apply honey directly to the skin on your face or body and relax as it rehydrates without an oily feel.

Refresh Eyes – place slices of cucumber over your eyes to refresh them, perhaps coupling with the honey facial for extra refreshment.

No Shaving Cream – just use conditioner when you run out of shaving cream!