Do Some Plaits or a Ponytail

Do Some Plaits or a Ponytail

We can’t let the lockdown get our spirits down!  I know, without the frequent visits to the salon, our hair is going to start driving us nuts. But please, don’t cut or dye your own hair! Or anyone else’s for that matter!  We want to be able to treat you when it’s over, but you’ll have to bear with it for now. In fact, here’s a nice suggestion list of hair dos to keep you sane while stuck at home:


Simple, beautiful and easy for keeping your hair neat and out of your face.


They’re simple, they’re funky, and they’re extremely versatile and perfect for keeping it out of the way!

They don’t have to be boring; add in a small plait, curl the hair, wrap some around the bobble, or turn it into a bun!


White hair coming through?  Order some colour spray with you groceries, L’Oreal Magic Touch is a salon recommended product.  It washes out meaning it will not affect future colour services.