Be a Dorothy.  No Place Like Home…!

Be a Dorothy. No Place Like Home…!

Stay in your own household. No popping out for a cuppa and a gossip.  Do that on Facetime or Zoom.  Set up groups on Whatsapp.  Paul and I enjoyed the Bricklayers quiz Monday 8:30pm on Facebook Live.   Washing your hands for fully 20 seconds after going out for essential reasons only and staying at least 2 meters apart while out.

Lion – be brave! There will be a time when this is all over and holidays and days out with family and friends will resume again.  Pubs will open again.  Woohoo!  I daydream about gin and tonic in the Painters Arms, aka my office!

Tin-man – don’t get stiff!  There are plenty of exercises on You Tube to follow, or perhaps get around the garden for spring.  Go to out for a walk but keep at least 2 meters apart.  But most of all have a heart and volunteer ring a neighbour or someone on their own at home.  It will keep your mind occupied.  I will be volunteering for the NHS doing what I do best – talking a lot!

Scarecrow – use your brain!  Limit the time you spend watching the news to maybe once in the morning then again in the evening.  This includes all social media.  Whilst the situation is serious it can make it all worse filling you with anxiety.  Use the time to learn something new: maybe a language? How about clearing out unwanted items from cupboards?  You will feel more positive after the satisfaction in finishing all these jobs.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

All our nurses and doctors have their work cut out over next few weeks. Somewhere over the rainbow.  Draw or make one and then pop it in your window to support the NHS.