The Salon This 2019

The Salon This 2019

A lot has happened this year in the salon. We said our goodbyes to Ronnie a couple of months ago and we wish her all the best in the future. We gained a few new members to the team in her place. I myself (Louise) joined Lucia’s in July, originally as a sales assistant before taking over the PA role, while Abbi joined as a hairdressing apprentice in October. We have another new apprentice who joined us in November, called Ashley, who is greatly looking forward to helping our clients!

Lucia had been working on her salon handbook for the past 2 years, but since hiring me on, we’ve managed to dedicate the time and effort into finally completing it at the end of this year!

In fact, something amazing happened! Lucia won the Best Business Women Award in Hair and Beauty for 2019! She has done such an amazing job raising this salon to the wonderful place it is today and she deserves every bit of this award! Congratulations Lucia!

And she’s not done there! Lucia also won the SME community business award for all of her charity work, that also led her to meet the Princess Royal on a separate occasion! Keep up the amazing charity work Lucia!

But I think the most precious moment this year was having all of you beautiful clients coming into our salon…

We can’t wait to see you again!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you in the Salon,

Lucia and the Team