Keeping Skin Healthy

Keeping Skin Healthy

We all want to glow all year round, but especially so with this time of year where it happens to be more difficult also… So, this is why we’ve decided to compile a few tips and tricks to help you manage your skin this month!

Drink plenty of water – it’s key to keep your skin hydrated, along with the rest of you!

Cleanse, tone and moisturise daily – to remove impurities, revitalise and lift your skin; returning it to good health every day.

Use a sun protecting foundation – it may be cold, but the sun can still damage your skin, so keep it protected.

Protect your face from the wind – wrap a nice scarf around yourself to keep the wind from damaging your skin.

Have a monthly facial here at the salon – keeping your face healthy throughout the year makes it more resilient this time of year, so book your monthly appointments with us!

Express – 30 mins – £18

Diva – 45 mins – £25

Luxury – 1 hour – £29