Client of the Month

Client of the Month

Looking to radiate fabulousness without extreme hassle and maintenance? Expecting mother Holly sure was. It had been a long time since she last left her hair in the hands of a stylist. She had decided to rock a new style with our salon.

After a consultation, we decided upon something short, for easy caring, but also layered, for that full, voluptuous look. We restyled her longer hair into a short, graduated bob; a stylish and undemanding look to freshen up the hair and frame the face. This style is often seen as powerful, exactly what this mother-to-be wants. Holly was delighted with the final result and is ready to take charge of the world without struggling through maintenance.


Three Ways to Style a Bob

                               1                                                            2                                                                  3

                      Slick Bob                                           Curly Bob                                           Beach Wave Bob