Client of the Month

Client of the Month

Kelly enjoys the benefits of hair perming giving her hair body and beautiful curls which are easy to manage at home

After a full consultation with Lucia, it was agreed that a spiral wind body wave and a hair cut would be ideal for this client

Lucia reshaped Kelly’s hair removing some length from bottom then softly layered the hair throughout this helped remove the damaged dry ends of the hair, next came plenty of hair rollers and patience after a 2 hour wind Lucia used the Gold well Perming System to achieve this beautiful end result.

“I was so pleased with the results of this perm so was my client it’s great that body is back in vogue”

One week after the perming process Kelly returned to the salon for a root application to darken the root area revitalising Kelly’s hair. Lucia used the L’Oréal Dia Richesse this colour range is ideal for previously treated hair or clients whose standard hair colours can irritate scalp conditions.

Kelly was extremely pleased with her new, fresh hair style.

Book for a free consultation, all colour treatments require skin test 24 hours prior to the treatment

                   Body wave from       £56

                    Root application from £58