Skincare Tips and Tricks for the Winter Season

Honey is amazing to treat dry skin in the cold weathers. To soften dry patches on elbows and knees, mix honey and sugar together to create a scrub, perfect for those pesky dry spots. It can also be used on the face as a facial scrub too.

Don’t forget sunscreen – the sun can get you whatever time of year it is, and sun is damaging to the skin. Use products with UVA and UVB protection under your daily moisturiser.

It might be tempting to have a lovely long hot bath or shower in this cold weather. But there is a but – the hotter the water the more likely it is to remove your skin’s natural moisture, so keep your water lukewarm instead. Simple test: if your skin turns red, the water’s too hot.

While following a winter skin care routine, it is important to know that moisturizing after every wash is essential rather than just moisturizing. Moisturizing a wet skin helps seal the moisture and keeps the skin soft. After every wash, apply moisturizer liberally all over the skin.

Certain cleansers can be extremely dry on the skin. Avoid salicylic acid or glycolic acid based cleansers as they cause dehydration and rips the moisture off the skin. Use more hydrating cleansers and apply a toner after cleansing the skin.