Client of the Month

Client of the Month

The long hot summer has been great but sun can also fade your colour. Aldona wanted a darker more cooler look to her hair. After a full colour consolation and consideration it was decided and agreed to use two methods of colouring techniques to achieve the best end result. The techniques chosen were a root stretch with classic Ombre.


Here you can see the sun lightened affect with a warm tone in the hair.

Lighter was applied to the underneath section of the hair gradually reducing colour towards the upper layers. A cool chocolate brown from the L’Oréal French Riviera range was used on top to darken the top section.

After processing a L’Oréal milkshake glaze was applied into the whole head to neutralize warm tones.

Aldona’s hair was then cut and styled. Aldona was delighted with her new look.


Ombre from £85

Glaze from £10

I recommended Lucia True Blue shampoo to maximise the effects of the glaze keeping this look fresh. This violet toned shampoo works wonders on unwanted warm tones. Aldona is now using this product at home to maintain cool feel in the hair.

Lucia’s True Blue shampoo £10