Summer skin care

Summer skin care

Rosacea is a common skin condition which causes redden of the skin especially around the nose and check area. Remove makeup to prevent irritation, use gentle milk cleanser to deep cleanse the skin, double cleanse with baby soap gentle enough for the facial skin. Use a sun block SPF50 to prevent sun damage on delicate sore skin avoid too much alcohol and spicy foods to avoid blood capillaries dilating. Aloe Vera gel may be applied to help smooth and cool the area. If you have extreme reddening approach your doctor.

Brown spotting or liver spots begin to appear as we age this is due to hormonal changes in the body. Prevention is better than cure, so wear long sleeves and sunblock for face and arms.

Acne can be teenage or menopausal acne. It makes us all self-conscious. Keep it clean – use an antibacterial based wash to keep the areas clean. Avoid picking at spots or black heads as this can cause scaring. Book for an extraction facial to help clear the skin.

Facials are the best way to deep cleanse the skin, leaving a glow and perfect for relaxing. We all need some ME time.

Our most popular luxury facial is perfect in summer to feel clean, fresh and glowing. This facial includes a steam and extraction to remove blockages and black heads. A lovely mask to deep cleanse the skin our mask is prepared to your individual needs we used ingredients such as calamine and rosewater to smooth the skin. Fuller’s earth and white hazel to reduce pore size and healing to acne.

Back to back

Why not try our back facial?  This will deep cleanse the skin and exfoliate all dead skin from your back.  This treatment works well for clearing spots and blackheads on the back with a steam and extraction.

Followed by a deep cleansing mask mixed to your requirements and a back massage included so you feel really treated.

This wonderful back facial for only £27 is sure to leave your back feeling silky smooth and refreshed.