It’s summertime!

It’s summertime!

The sun is out shining so that means beautiful long warm sunny days and evenings. We are all loving the sun but is our skin? The sunrays can cause burning and damage to our face and bodies.

Sun cream is vital in the sun but do you know the differences and how to use sunblock to its maximum effect and protection?

Always apply generously 20 minutes before sun exposure paying attention to delicate areas such as ears and chest. This will allow the product to absorb into the skin.

Factor number indicates the amount of protection the product can give you, it is a guide to how long you can stay in the sun without damage, so a rough guide if you begin to burn after 10minutes in sun then using a sun cream factor 15 will help to prevent burning 15 times more than without the sun cream meaning you can enjoy the sun for 150 minutes instead of 10.

Re-applying sun cream at regular intervals is important. Choose a waterproof formula for holidays and don’t forget to re-apply if you have a dip. If all too much while relaxing then opt for a single use product in the morning for continual protection. Ensure the factor is high enough for your skin tone. My personal favourite is Piz burn cream.

Skin is the biggest organ and deserves to be cared for. Skin regenerates in the evening so remove all your make up to keep your skin looking young and feeling fresh.


Here are some common concerns that we can help with.

Dark circles under the eyes

Drink plenty of water and early to bed sleep is so important for your skin. Pat a concealer under the eye one shade lighter to disguise darkness. Check your diet and eat more greens and vitamins.

Why not book for an eye mask? This cooling and fresh eye mask will de-puff and relax your eyes, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Eye de-puffing mask for only £15 includes eye massage. This is an amazing 15 minute treatment great for your lunch hour.