Summer De-fuzzing

Summer De-fuzzing

Be beach ready this summer and ensure your skin is silky smooth and glowing by removing those unwanted hairs with a waxing service made as comfortable as possible with Molly our experienced beautician.

All areas may be waxed, including intimate area and nostrils. This quick simple method removes hair at the bulb helping to reduce further growth by weakening the bulb.  Hot and warm wax may be used – whatever you prefer.

Kaeso Skin Saviour Bump smoother this wonder product helps to eliminate the redness and soreness after waxing treatments. This non-comedogenic product will not block pores in skin but soften the skin helping to prevent in-grown hairs after waxing. Bump Smoother contains the skin-nourishing ingredients Camphor, Cajaput Oil and Arnica to leave skin looking soft and supple.

This after wax wonder product can be yours for only £ 9.50.

Exfoliation is vital to encourage the renewal of the skin. Have a scrub ready in the shower to help remind you.  Exfoliator will remove the dead skin cells and bring some glow back to the skin. The dead skin cells prevent washing products and moisturizing products going into the skin layers. So scrub away and keep young and glowing!

Full body exfoliation for only £30.