Fabulous at 50! – Part 2

Fabulous at 50! – Part 2

Following from last month here are our next top ten tips to keep you looking and feeling fabulous at 50.

All about the hair  –  choosing a style with light layers will help create volume and movement this will create illusion of thicker hair

Quality clothing  –  no need to have hundreds of clothes hanging in your wardrobe, buy less but buy quality items, not only will they look fabulous but they hang better and keep their shape.

Quality skin care  –  products containing retinols will help to improve the surface of your skin by repairing the natural DNA, helping to minimise fine lines and wrinkles

Citrus gems  –  use lemon and orange juices on your scalp will help prevent hair loss and dry scalp, doing this on a weekly basis will not only help your scalp but keep your hair looking shiny

Add sparkle  –  don’t wait for special occasions to bring out the sparkling clothes, wear them with black trousers or skirts and you have a glamourous day time look.

Smokey eyes  –  use a skin toned base colour such has a beige or pink lightly dust over the entire of your eye lid using a medium flat brush then apply a deeper colour to line your eyes on the top and bottom blend the two colours well so line can be seen apply a black liquid eye liner to the top lid and finish with a coat of mascara.

Youthful glow  –  switch your normal foundation for a tinted moisturiser or illuminating BB cream helps to give enough coverage but keep your skin gleaming apply some high lighter on cheek bones pop some under to arch of eyebrow for a glamour evening look.

Best bras  –  choosing a bra that is correct for you size is crucial, you want to feel comfortable and have enough support and lift. Having a bra fitting will help determine which size is best for you, having a well fitted bra will flatter not only your body but the clothes you wear.

Soft jawline  –  use a matte bronzer along your jawbone will define a softened jawline. Use a blending brush for no harsh lines

Wedges  –  high heels make you look and feel great, but not all of us find it easy to walk in and often end up with sore feet, by switching your stilettos to wedges will give more support for your feet and are very comfortable to wear with all the glamour you need.

Don’t forget to check back next month for the next 10 fabulous at 50 top tips.