Molly’s experience of the 80’s quiz night

On the 31st March 2017 we held an 80’s quiz night at Crawley Green Sports club. It was a very good, fun-filled evening to support the two charities of Mind and CLIC Sargent charity.

I was in charge of the meeting and greeting the guests. I felt quite anxious at first, but once I saw client’s from the salon with familiar faces, I had a sigh of relief and could feel that anxious feeling that I had beginning to disappear.

Once everyone was in the club, I had walked into the room and saw the huge crowd of people. I straight away felt over-whelmed, but as I began to walk around the room that was full of smiles, laughter and cheer, I immediately felt at ease and excited for the night ahead of us.

During the night, we had many different rounds, including general knowledge, Blue Peter, Generation Game etc. The round I found most funny was the Blue Peter round, the atmosphere in the room completely changed. Everyone got involved, everyone was smiling, laughing, joking and had their creative/focused faces on. The building of the rubbish that was provided to them from us, was hilarious and people were quite competitive which made the decision of the winner quite hard. Once the winning team was announced, everyone was a good sportsman by congratulating the team.

By the end of the night, everyone began to leave but congratulating, thanking and complimenting us here at Lucia Hair and Beauty for the fantastic night. With raising £3,100 for both charities, we would say the night was a success!

The whole experience made me more confident in myself.