Green is the colour – for St Patrick’s Day with OPI Gel Treatments!

Green is the colour – for St Patrick’s Day with OPI Gel Treatments!

St. Patrick’s Day is this month and we are going all green! We love experimenting with new colours, being bold and bright. This month it is all about the shade green.


There are so many beautiful shades of green that you can wear, but one question that everyone asks is how do you make bright eye shadows last all day?

We suggest that you use an eye shadow primer. These products are designed to prepare eyelids for colour by evening out colour of eyelid so a true eyeshadow colour is achieved excess oil on lid is absorbed meaning eye colour will not crease and will last longer. Apply mascara for day wear; add eye liner for a striking evening look.

Need more advise on any area of makeup? Why not book a makeup lesson with our beautician Molly for only £22. Molly will help guide you with what make up will best suit your skin tone and give advice on how to apply make up for a long lasting effect.

Show off your nails will a beautiful green shade from our OPI gel colour range. OPI gel colour is specially designed to last up to two to three weeks, with a smooth and shiny finish.

OPI gel application £18

Or indulge in pure luxury with an OPI gel manicure, this amazing treatment includes cuticle work, filing, cutting, hand scrub, massage and moisture, sure to leave your hands and nails feeling amazing.

OPI gel manicure £28