What we are doing this Christmas Day?

What we are doing this Christmas Day?

Lucia’s Christmas

Christmas season is a lot of hard work and long hours so I enjoy being able to spend the Christmas break with family and friends enjoying nice food and a few vino’s.  This year Christmas dinner will be cooked and served at Baltistan restaurant, no washing up or burning the turkey for me.  This will be finished with fun and laughter at home with family and maybe a few more vinos.

Jane’s Christmas

This Christmas I will be spending the morning at home by myself, this sounds crazy but I am looking forward to waking up and not rushing around to open presents and entertain people. I will then go over to my elder sister’s house to spend Christmas afternoon with my sister and her family. This will be full of fun games and opening presents and no doubt pigging out on some lovely food. For the evening I will spend it with a few friends enjoying a couple of beverages and probably enjoy some more food, it’s Christmas that’s what seems to happen. My day will finish with a lovely hot bath, and a Christmas film on television with a hot chocolate.

Molly’s Christmas

On Christmas Day I will be spending quality time with my family, spoiling my 2 year old nephew and enjoying the company of my brother and his girlfriend, laughing and joking with my mum and dad and enjoying a three course turkey dinner with presents to unwrap at the end.


We hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year whatever you choose to do.