Party raves or relaxing vibes?

Party raves or relaxing vibes?

Are you a party raver or do you need relaxing vibes?  Here are our festive tops tips…

All night raving

  • Drink plenty of water before you go to bed and the morning after to avoid that dreadful hangover
  • Use a bottle of rose water or makeup setting spray to spritz on your face during your night to keep your makeup looking refreshed and glamourous throughout
  • Make sure to remove your eye makeup before bed to avoid eye infections
  • Wear gel pads in your shoes to help ease your foot pain or book for a callus peel where we’ll do the work for you

Relaxing vibes

  • No house work for you, put your feet up instead sip on lemon water instead to detoxes your body
  • Light a scented candle and put on some relaxing music that will help to calm and relax the mind and body

Use aromatherapy blends on the body for calming and detoxing, we recommend geranium, ylang ylang and lavender oil.