Back to School

Back to School

Kids are going back to school. Why not treat yourself to some ‘me’ time and indulge in pure luxury here at Lucia Hair and Beauty.

So pick up your eyeliner pencils not school pencils…

Why not treat yourself to a makeup application lesson. Molly will help to extend your knowledge of makeup products, or simply how to apply them.

Going out….?  Our Beautician Molly will take one less stress away by using different makeup techniques and a variety of shades of colours to make you feel and look amazing for your special occasion. Whether it be a natural look with warm tones, or a glamorous look with bright lips or stand out eyes.

There is a huge variety of different types of eyeliner pencils… but which is best for you?



Gel eyeliner:

What it’s for: Gel eyeliner might seem intimidating at first but it’s worth trying if you prefer the look of cat eyes or flicks.

How to use it: Comes packaged in a small pot, usually with a brush included (although you can use any brush you want; an angled one is usually best).

Why we love it:  You can quickly get a clean, precise line thanks to the thicker formula and precise brush. You can also switch brushes to get different results. The creamy consistency is incredibly easy to work with, and it’s pretty easy to control what you’re doing. The non-flake formula helps prevent bits falling onto face.

Liquid eyeliner:

What it’s for: Liquid eyeliner is great for creating clean lines that swoop or flick. Great for looks that require delicacy and preciseness.

How to use it: It comes in a variety of forms; eyeliner pens with marker-type tips are easier to use than the small vials with attached nail polish-like brushes. Draw the shape you want with the brush or applicator, then fill it in.

Why we love it:  The very thin brushes and applicators make it possible to get really thin, subtle lines—perfect for adding a little darkness to our upper lash lines. Having a brush built in to the product also makes them easier to use than many gels; plus they tend to come in a wider range of colours and finishes.

Pencil eyeliner:

What it’s for: the desired smoky eye look— you can achieve the look with a pencil eyeliner.

How to use it: Like a pencil! Trace it along your upper and lower lash lines, and smudge it gently. Run it along your upper and lower waterlines for added darkness. You can also run small dashes underneath your lashes for a totally natural look.

Why we love it:  Pencil eyeliner is great for a subtle everyday look that’s not too harsh, especially if you blend it slightly. Chubby pencils are ideal for this.

What suits you?

Not sure…? Well visit us here at Lucia hair and Beauty to get beneficial and useful advice from Molly. Or book in for a makeup lesson where you can explore the different uses and benefits to your makeup regime.