It’s Proms Season!

It’s Proms Season!


For school leavers the leavers Prom can seem like one of the most important and exciting days in their young adult life, but how much should we really spend on dresses, shoes, bags makeup and hair to get the best look you can?


With so many styles to choose from long short with or without fuss so difficult to decide which to choose here is a selection we found online to suit most budgets.



These dresses are £120, £145, and £80 respectively.


Shoes and bags

now the dress is sorted it’s time to find the perfect shoes and hand bag to accompany the dress, nude and beige coloured shoes and hand bags give a classy look and can be matched with any coloured dress and re cycled for future use.


These shoes are £55, £80, and £70 respectively.


These bags cost £35, £60, and £25 respectively.


These lovely shoes are £85, £30, and £90 respectively.

These bags above are £30, £20, and £45 respectively.


Hair and make up

For the perfect hair and make up to accompany your perfect outfit visit us at Lucia Hair and Beauty.

Makeup application prices starting from £22.

Hair dressing for these occasions from £30 and you will feel prom ready.