Best Summer Cocktails

Pimms O’Clock

We all like an ice cold drink on these warm evenings.  It’s a great way to treat yourself after a hard day at work.  One of our favourites this month has to be Pimms, mixed with beautiful fresh fruits for a sweet, cold, and very refreshing cocktail.

And here is how to make your perfect original Pimms cocktail;

You will need:

Highball glass

150ml of lemonade

Mint, orange, strawberries

Cucumber to garnish


And of course Pimms (50mls)


Easy method for making a Pimms cocktail

Chop all your fresh fruit (size is optional)

Fill your glass with ice

Add your chopped fruit, and mint leaves

Pour in your Pimms

Top up with lemonade

Stir well

Sit back and enjoy your fresh fruity cocktail!