Summer is here!

Summer is here!

What a hot start to the summer!  The highest on record since 1976, I remember it well!  Feet come out in sandals but do you feel like covering them up instead?  The dreaded hard cracked heel?  No fear, Well max heel saviour is here!

In just 15 minutes transform your feet from dry and cracked to glamourous heels proud to be seen.

Well max is a trusted brand in beauty industry for quick and safe hard skin removal.  Heel pads are applied to feet then wrapped in specialist film to warm and process whilst you relax the hard skin just melts away.

Book now for this treatment.

No time, book during lunch to time treat yourself for just £10.

Indulge your feet further by adding a pedicure to your heel treatment.  This includes nails trimming and cuticle work.  Get those feet looking fantastic!  Choose from a wide range of beautiful O.P.I colours in standard finish or gel finish, including the latest Fiji collection, for £19.

Fabulous OPI colours  from top to bottom

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Cagan shrimp

Begotta blackberry