March 2017

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our first blog post of many monthly posts.

As you are aware the new website is now live and looking good so a big thanks to Alan Harris from New Leaf for his expert advice to how it should look and function.  Also thanks to my better half, Paul Dyason, for explaining it all to me. The website I must say has been a lot of work with lots of different elements to consider but I am sure you will agree the end results have been worth it.  Also a massive thank you goes out to Joanne Cross for her lovely photographs and I am sure that we will work more together in the future.

So I have been dragged into the techno world and am learning as I go along by trial and error writing newsletters and now our blogging   I have come to the conclusion I cannot beat them so I will join them and do my best!

25 Years and Counting…

This year the salon will be 25 years old!  So it is a special time for me and am feeling reflective over this time and I am thinking about all the different lovely clients and all the styles I have recreated.  I will be doing some training with L’Oreal this year so I will keep you up-to-date with all the new techniques and looks that I will be learning.  I will also include some photographs on the blog for you to look at and be inspired, but I must say the passion is still there.  This really is the best job in the world!

Which Season Are You?

As part of the celebrations we are hosting bi-monthly events at the salon to discuss many different topics on hair, beauty, and lifestyle.  To kick start the year a colour evening was held at the salon. Rachel Kepinska gives colour analysis and personal style advice, from House of Colour, a business designed to help men and women maximise their wardrobe by using colour to suit your skin tone.  Rachel gave a really interesting talk on dressing in colours and how to accessorise your outfits to suit your skin tone.  Rachel runs a workshop in St Albans at 75 Westfields, St Albans, AL3 4LY.  She is a great character so look her up.

Many thanks to those whom attended it was a fun night. Wed 26 April save the date for a makeup evening from application achieving different looks why not come along and get some great fee advice and a glass of bubbles.

Best Before Dates

Looking in my old make up box I found an old lipstick which was at least 10 years old.  I love the colour, it reminded me of those nights out but, just like the hangovers, the lipstick was rotten yuk!!  But despite my training and knowing better I still put it on my lips and thirty minutes later I could not stand the taste any more and I had to remove it.

With all our disposable world how long can you really keep your favourite cosmetics for?  Here is a guide, remember any bad taste or smell like food means it needs the bin.

  • Block eyeshadows foundations concealers face powders face primers powder highlight      2 years
  • Cream eyeshadow and cream blusher liquid highlighter                                                              1 year
  • Mascaras and liquid eyeliners                                                                                                             6 months

  • Lipsticks – Gloss  1 year;  Matt 2 years
  • Eyeliners – 6 months

Use all products up before replacing them.  This prevents a big build-up of half used products. Store products in a box and out of sunlight and heat.

Jane’s Experience

Hello everyone and thank you for reading our blog.

As you are all aware there has been a lot of changes over the last few years at Lucia Hair and Beauty.  We have all been working hard to bring you new beauty packages, a new website, improved Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, and bi-monthly events held at the salon.  This has been hard work but I am sure you will all agree with me that it has been well worth it.  Not only has this been hard work but it has been very interesting and fun at the same time.  During this period I have learnt that I actually was not as good on a computer as I thought.  Thankfully these skills have improved with the help of Paul Dyason and I am sure will continue to do so.

I hope that you are all enjoying the new and improved Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages with daily posts.  If you do not currently follow us on social media then please do start following us.  We often post special offers and I would not want you to miss out!

Thank you all for your support while these improvements have been taking place.


Work Experience

Hello, my name is Daisy-Mae Birch and I have recently started work experience at Lucia Hair and Beauty. I have learnt so much already working with Lucia.  I have welcomed and greeted clients and visitors in the salon, I am gaining confidence interacting with clients and I feel a part of a team.  Not only that, but I had the opportunity to observe variable treatments, and this has allowed me to learn great techniques, tips and professionalism.  It is just the beginning and I am enjoying myself so much here.  This is real life and a great experience.

Face Time!

I am currently learning about facials and would love to share with you all my knowledge and benefits about this treatment.  Not everyone is aware of how delightful, wonderful and relaxing a facial can be.  These are the benefits you gain after a facial treatment, clear hydrated skin and a wonderful relaxing feeling.  This great routine which is very pampering and renewing as it includes exfoliation, skin steaming and warming, face mask and massage.  Come to Lucia Hair and Beauty and we will provide you with a choice of facials which include an express facial which is  30 minutes long  – great for a lunch-time pick up!  A diva facial 45 minutes a very effective treatment, with steam and extraction this gives the outcome of a fresh glow and the skin feeling and looking renewed instantly.  Our most popular facial is the luxury facial, 60 minutes.  In this treatment we carry out skin analysis for you with a prescriptive mask specially blended for your skin and to specific areas followed by skin steaming and extraction if needed, this is a great way to improve the skin and improve congested skin.

This is the area I am currently focusing my training on and I am so passionate about learning!
I will update my blog soon.


Beauty Products To Pack For A Long Haul Flight


Have you booked any holidays yet?  Here is a list of a few essential items that will help you to get through that dreaded long haul flight to help keep you looking and feeling great, refreshed and relaxed.

Our beautician Molly advises you to take with you a few of these items listed below:

  • A light weight tinted moisturizer – to replace a heavy weight foundation and help to keep the skin feeling and looking hydrated throughout.
  • Rosewater in a small spray bottle to help hydrate the skin and keep the skin looking and feeling fresh, as well as giving the appearance of a glowing skin, but not shiny.  A light squirt over the face followed by a gentle blot with tissue will most definitely do the job.
  • Natural lip shade lipstick – to give a natural but gorgeous look.  Or if you’re looking for something more, just add a hint of gloss on the middle part of the lips to give them the plumping affect as well as luscious fuller looking lips.
  • Moisturising cream – to re-hydrate your skin, putting moisturise and shine back into the skin.  Giving the skin a sense of wellbeing, healthiness and better appearance.
  • Cooling eye gel – apply to avoid the dreaded puffy look.  No wonder the celebrity wears shades!
  • Lip seal – to help prevent your lips from becoming too dry, this can also be worn under your lipstick to keep your glamorous look up.

Pack a toothbrush in your handbag, spare underwear, and some baby wipes so a quick trip to the toilet can refresh you before landing.  Remember all that free booze is great but leaves you even more dehydrated and tired.  Think of those inches on the hips.

Keep eye on the blog all summer I will blogging on all things for beauty.